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TimeSaver Foods is proud to announce our newest menu. We’ve created home cooked comfort foods including soups, chicken dishes, beef dishes, features, stews and pastas. Our products are positioned at the high end of the market in terms of taste and quality. TimeSaver Foods has been in business since 2000 and has grown in popularity among seniors in the Ottawa area. We have developed newly packaged meals that are absolutely delicious and are ready to eat right out of the container with the help of just a microwave or an oven! These meals are only $8.00 and are ready from freezer to your dinner table in about 7 minutes with a microwave or 40 minutes in the oven. We’ll deliver your order right to you with a small charge of $5.00 or you can come and pick it up and save the delivery charge.
TimeSaver Foods is based out of The Ottawa Citizen Newspaper cafeteria at 1101 Baxter Rd. on the second floor, right behind the Ikea mall.
Peter Seltenreich, founder and president of TimeSaver Foods is passionate about his work and he can't stop developing new, delicious, low sodium and nutritious food!
Peter knows about good food -- he's captured the quality of gourmet foods and has made it available in single portions. As a former bodybuilding competitor, Peter knows that nutrition is vital to a healthy body. His menu consists of meals such as turkey dinner, lemon dill chicken, beef barley soup and assorted pasta dishes.
Those who know Peter know about his infectious optimism and positive approach to life. People naturally gravitate to Peter, which keeps him very busy. The delightful scents that float through the air ignite an unsuspecting visitor's appetite -- instantly!

Not only employees at The Ottawa Citizen come to Peter -- the public is always welcome! Please drop by 8:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Monday to Friday for lunch and check out our facility.
We hope that this wonderful service will help bring you added comfort in your home. If you know of anyone else in your circle of friends or family who can benefit from our service, please pass this information along and we’ll be happy to service them as well.
Thanks so much for checking us out.
Hope to see you soon.

Peter Seltenreich